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Dear Milu – I Love Your Boots!

Dear Milu – I love your boots!

Growing up in Christchurch NZ and now living  in Melbourne with the wintery weather taking front row & centre for 4 months of the year,  means that I have always had a (un)healthy obsession with boots.

Skinny jeans and boots.

Short skirts and boots.

Cute tee dresses and boots.

Yip it all works. And they keep out the rain and the chill.

Now I have discovered the fabulous Dear Milu Gypsy Biker Boots which look AMAZING with bare legs and summer dresses, I now have an excuse to wear boots in the summertime too! Genius.

They come with two separate harnesses, one plain and one studded up, so effectively you get two pairs of boots in one.


dear-milu-biker-boot-close-1200x740 dear-milu-biker-boot-side-1200x709

I bought my Dear Milu Gypsy Biker Boots from:


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