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The Gypsy Queen Who Stole My Heart….

the gypsy queen who stole my heart….

The obsession is real!

I’ve heard about this happening. The absolute and utter obsession over a single item of clothing. I’ve read comments from other crazed individuals thinking similar thoughts and I must admit I have inwardly scoffed at the absolute insanity of needing a piece of fabric so desperately. Surely not….that’s outrageously silly. Common sense states that this is not sensible behaviour at all.

And then I laid eyes on a real life Spell Gypsy Queen Castaway Skirt.

It really is a piece of art in my mind. The floral print, the colours, the shape of the skirt, the swish.

And she must be mine! I have patience. I have dedication to the cause. I am stubborn enough to not let it go. So there will be a day when I am trying on my very own Gypsy Queen skirt. Murphy’s Law states that it will look ridiculous on me when I finally get it and I’ll probably end up selling it again approximately 2 days later but, still, if I ever want to start sleeping through the night again and stop checking eBay every 30 seconds for fear of missing out, then these things must be done.

There is a small part of me buried down underneath the logical, sensible part, that says “You might as well just buy the one on eBay for $950 if you really want it so much. It’s only money and you’ll have it now, you won’t have to wait and waste all that lovely time looking when you could be staring at it hanging in your wardrobe, it would look so good hanging in your wardrobe”

So far that voice isn’t winning. I’m going to hang back, bide my time, feel smug in the knowledge that I am a wise and patient individual with focus and clarity, and really just wait for one to present itself to me 🙂

So if you are out there – the Queen of the Castaways, the Breaker of Hearts, First of Her Name, & Mother of Swishability – come forth and I will bend the knee and probs serve you until the end of time. Probs….

Hurry though ….. My willpower is waning and I have my finger hovering over the Buy It Now button on the eBay listing!


UPDATE: I waited and I watched and I didn’t pay $950 and I now have my very own Gypsy Queen Skirt. Woooohoooooo! And I haven’t worn it yet because I live in Melbourne and it’s cold. But its amazing and I love it, and patience does pay off.  My job here is done.

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