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My Horoscopes For April …

my horoscopes for april …

Horoscopes .… I read them occasionally but I don’t follow them.  I accept them in a light-hearted kindof way. I do feel like my personality is pretty similar to the standard Gemini traits though ….

 – mentally gifted and intellectually inclined (sure I’ll take that)

– quick-witted and smart (smart yep I’ll also take that, witty oh yes so witty mostly after wine o’clock)

 – outgoing and social (mostly … not always, I also like my own space quite a lot)

 – easygoing and adaptable (yep totes, this ones true)

– indecisive and overly analytical (I’m not sure that I am, but I could be, let me think about it)

– impulsive (yes, this is fun but detrimental sometimes…..)

– unreliable and irresponsible (nah this ones not true, I’m totally reliable and responsible, I just get bored quickly …..anyhoo boring, move on)

That’ll do.


The above monthly horoscopes for April 2020 were taken from Free People and I like that they have adapted them to suit the current situation. Not sure about a few bits though, sounds like the second half of the month is gonna be exhausting!

Whoever shows interest in a Gemini will receive the interest of a Gemini.

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