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My New Favourite Boho Label …

my new favourite boho label …

I’m a fickle beast.

I fall hard and fast. Exhausting.

I found Chasing Unicorns … and I’ve definitely fallen hard! They do all the good stuff in one easy to digest bundle.

– Ridiculously stunning clothes. Well, take a look for yourself.

– A sustainable ethos. Only a very limited quantity are made in each style which embraces the less-is-more ideal. They are made ethically by hand and many of the pieces are such intricate works of art that you will never want to part with them.

– Insanely beautiful and inspirational model. She makes all the clothes look soooooo good but not in a way that’s thoroughly disappointing when you try on the outfit and you look nothing like her. It’s just inspiring. Although that does happen …

– They drop a new style pretty much every week on average, so it’s always exciting. I’m a Gemini, I need that.

– They also offer an alteration service so you can get your new piece altered to fit before it gets shipped to you. Quite handy in Melbourne lock down times.

Go have a squiz and then day dream about all the cool places you could wear these fabulous threads.

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