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One Teaspoon Short Shorts…

One Teaspoon short shorts…

I thought I’d have a quick browse on the One Teaspoon site for some denim shorts since the Melbourne summer seems to be kicking off finally, and the general consensus seems to be amongst my friends that One Teaspoon do the best shorts around.

Denim shorts are the one thing that are lacking in my boho wardrobe – I’ve never managed to find a pair that I absolutely love and keep wearing every summer. The question is though – Bandits or Bonita?

OK after much contemplation and gnashing of teeth I picked some shorts…..and then proceeded to add a few more bits and pieces to my shopping cart! A bit of this, a bit of that….and the result?

Ekkkk. *Looks at total in shopping cart (as per pictures below) and closes window immediately…..sans shorts.

Online window shopping at its best 🙂

You can do the same here if you have a spare hour or two to waste: 

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