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Day 24 – Sunshine Therapy


Day 24 – sunshine therapy

You can’t have what you can’t have, but what you can have is what you have already.

I decided that I needed a total day off work today, a day off being at home, a day off thinking about stuff. Walking has always cleared my mind and it was such a beautiful morning that it just had to be done. It’s so cool that I live in the massive sprawling city of Melbourne, yet I only have to stroll 10 minutes down the street before I come across the bubbling brook (only bubbling in certain places) and shared pathway that is Darebin Creek.

There were so many people out biking and walking, and all observing the social distancing passing etiquette, but still remembering that you are still allowed to say ‘hi’ to people as you pass them. It was very heartening. I think for the last few weeks people have been trying to understand how to respond to other people and there was a lot of head down and looking slighlty scared actions going on.

The Darebin Parklands were alive with scatterings of dogs playing frisbee, and dads with their kids having a picnic by the creek. Everyone was just existing in their own space and making the most of what there is on offer.

So no, I can’t have what I can’t have right now, but what I do have is pretty bloody awesome! xx T



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