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Day 30 – Planting Roots ….


Day 30 – planting roots ….

Jeez, that was a pretty rough week/weekend/life.  I think I lost a few days in the middle there …

I felt the need for a bit of grounding today so I spent the afternoon outside digging over our little garden, re-potting, and propagating some favourites.

I’ve split up a massive Arthropodium (New Zealand Rock Lily) that’s just been growing like nutso and taking over the garden. He has a new space and is going to love it.

The Bangalow Palm has been upgraded to a bigger pot so hopefully he will grow all tall and sexy. I’m planning a new little grouped outdoor pot section for him and some mates.

My second Giant Bird Of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) is looking amazing – but the snails started getting to him so I’m going to move him inside and try him in a large indoor pot. I have one in the garden and I love it,  so can’t hurt to have another one inside.  These brothers were grown from seeds and they have taken a couple of years to get to this point, so I’m pretty proud of them. I also have 6 more of the seeds propagating on the top shelf as we speak …..

I also propagated about a million Pothos stems because you can never have enough Devils Ivy in a sunny apartment. Actually I do think I maybe have enough, but I watched a youtube video on how to bulk out your Pothos and stop it looking too vine-y. Seems the best way to do that is to plant propagated stems in the same pot to bulk it out at the base. Makes total sense.

My house is going to be one big jungle by the time I’m allowed out again …

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