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Day 36 – New Bloomin’ Blooms …


Day 36 – new bloomin’ blooms …

I dunno, I just really like my plants right now ….

Speaking of new bloomin’ blooms though, I did my typical thing of deciding I was bored with myself and need a change. The easiest way to do that is to dye my hair, which I did today spontaneously which was stoopid because I really liked it as it was and now I fuckin’ hate it…. so I’ll go get some dye stripper and try to get it back to some semblance of normality tomorrow morning …. I’m such a knobby knob, I do this all the time and never friggin’ learn. Damn you spontaneous tendancies!

Anyhoo, I’m a brunette for a night …. that’s alright I guess. No photos though … (update: I did take photos – see next post- because I needed to document it just in case I choose to learn from this next time*)

Note: L’Oreal Excellence Rich Auburn is not excellent, or is it auburn – it’s really just dark brown. Rude.



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