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Day 40 – Touch The Sky …


Day 40 – touch the sky …

Today’s mission – to walk a different path.

I try to go for a walk every day to get some sun, some exercise and for my daily daydream.

Today I wanted to do a decent walk and head somewhere I haven’t been for a while, with a picnic spot as the destination point.

An hour and a half of striding purposefully later I hit the Edinburgh Gardens via Piedimontes to stock up on some picnic snackage. Found the ultimate spot of mostly sun and a little bit of shade, and pretty much just lay flat and watched the sky and the clouds for a couple of hours. Pretty good for the soul really.

The walk home was admittedly wayyyyyyy slower …

Total distance walked: 14kms

Total clouds counted: 342

Total interactions with fellow humans: zero (gahhhh!)

Total beers consumed in close succession when I made it home: 4

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