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Day 53 – Contemplation …


Day 53 – contemplation … so what’s up next?

I feel like I’m pretty good at being by myself.

I’ve always been highly independent, in fact sometimes a little too much and at the detriment of others. My weeks in iso have been mostly fine. I’ll admit I started out all enthusiastically planning the numerous tasks that I would achieve while I had some spare time. I got over that pretty quickly after realising I’m still the same person, not some super-charged, highly productive clone of myself. So I’ve pretty much just been going with the flow, taking each day as it is. Some are awesome, some not so great. I am getting pretty bored with myself though, and I’m talking to my cat a lot more. She’s starting to look for new and sneaky daytime nap spots just so she can get some ‘me’ time. Fine…

I’m kicking into week 7 now though and I’m beginning to feel very contemplative. So what happens when we start heading back into ‘normal’ living again? Do I even like my normal?

I’ve always worked in fashion, and now in beauty – both of which are very superficial industries. I like what I do and am good at it, but really I just help people sell stuff to other people who don’t really need it. I’m not a very materialistic person in general, I prefer experiences over stuff. I do sometimes get sucked down the swirling plughole of consumerism, generally in boot season (like now!), but I always try to either buy second-hand or quality (expensive) goods. No fast fashion, and no cheap plastic trinkets that are made to throw away. I’m conscious of my footprint, but I also know that I could do a lot more.

We are seeing images from around the world of the earth regenerating while we hibernate. The canals in Venice are clear instead of murky, air quality has improved massively in numerous highly populated areas, animals are roaming freely and undisturbed in their natural habitat. The animals really must be stoked right now.

On the downside, cases of domestic violence have soared around the world due to a combination of heightened stress levels, unemployment issues, and more time spent at home. There’s undoubtedly more drug and alcohol problems, more forced homelessness, more mental health issues. We have a long way to go with this too, these issues are the far-reaching ones, the ones that take longer to fix and heal.

There’s a long way to go in general.

I think its an important time for people to use their voice to express what we believe in. We all need to learn from this, and make a conscious effort to refrain from falling back into the same habits, the same self absorbed actions.

A time of contemplation indeed ….

Happy Friday xx

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