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Day 11 – Educate …


Day 11 – Educate …

We have a service based small business that relies on customers bringing us stuff to fix. Given that the new social distancing plan makes that all a little bit tricky, now is the time to get some expert advice on how to make it through this.

Conquer The Crisis was a live stream of business experts offering advice and industry insights across multiple fields on how to focus on what needs to be done to keep your business afloat during the current pandemic.

I found it extremely helpful and was a great motivator to begin tackling the issues head on.

The full event was recorded which anyone can download along with visual summaries, and a bunch of free content from the speakers. It’s definitely well worth the read and there’s nothing like an ebook on business finances for a little light bedtime reading….

Check out more about Conquer The Crisis here …

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