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Spell Flower Child Summer 2017

written by barefootboho July 29, 2017

I seem to only ever be posting about the new Spell & The Gyspy Collective drops these days but that’s because:

A. they are ahmazzzzinnngg!

B. they drop so friggin’ often I’ve only just calmed down from the last one and it’s time to go again.

The Spell Flower Child range is the start of the Spring/Summer 2017 collections and I have to say, I think it is an absolutely stunning range! Its definitely mid winter down here in the south – there’s massive winds today here in the hills, tree branches falling off everywhere and the rains a’comin’, and I just lit the fire. So although it’s hard to imagine actually wearing any bright summery clothes right now (perhaps with slippers and scarf, it’s a challenge to be boho in Melbourne) it’s the time of the year when it really is quite nice to see some inspiring summery clothes again.

The main part of the drop doesn’t hit the stores until mid-August so I have my little wish-list written up of key items.

1. Flower Child Denim Shirt & Skirt

I don’t think I really need to say a single thing about this outfit. Self explanatory really ♥♥

Spell Flower Child Denim Shirt

Spell Flower Child Denim Shirt and Skirt

Spell Flower Child Denim Shirt outfit

2. Sayulita Frill Mini Dress - Nightshade

This Nightshade print looks absolutely stunning. A little bit reminiscent of Gyspy Queen maybe? I love the look of the Mini Dress but the frilly sleeves may get me. It also comes in a beautiful short sleeve blouse and super cute pants though.

Spell Sayulita Frill Mini Dress Nightshade

Spell Sayulita Frill Mini Dress Nightshade detail

Spell Sayulita Short Sleeve Blouse Nightshade

3. Sayulita Frill Maxi Dress

The Sunflower colourway in the Sayulita range is my absolute favourite! It’s so gorgeous, I can’t wait to see what it looks like in real life. It just screams summer fun to me. The prints always look so much better when you see them up close and feel the softness of the fabric.

Definitely high on the wish-list is the Sayulita Frill Maxi Dress and the matchy-matchy Tri Bralette. This bralette is a cute new style and I think it’s going to be a goody.

Spell Sayulita Frill Maxi Dress Sunflower

Spell Sayulita Frill Maxi Dress Sunflower

Spell Tri Bralette Intimates Sunflower

(all images courtesy of the Spell Designs website and blog)


You can check out the current range and the first part of the Spell Flower Child range here


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