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The Spell Of The Lovebird…

the spell of the lovebird…

I’m a sucker for a maxi skirt. It’s pretty much my summer staple, so I admit it … I do have one or two in my wardrobe.

That said, there was absolutely no way to resist the Lovebird Maxi Skirt from Spell & The Gypsy Collective last month, it was never gonna happen.

It’s everything I could ever want in a maxi…’s full, it flows, it swishes, it sits low and comfortably on the hips. I’m a little bit tallish at 175cm, so I was super happy to find that it still grazes my ankles for maximum maxibility. No showing off of the ankles for me!

It also has elastic at the back of the waist so it automatically stretches to fit after too much Indian Street food on a friday night (yes that happened).

I generally pair it with a basic black tank, but I have seen others matching it with all the colours in the print – yellow, red, peach & blue – and it looks fabulous, so next time summer rolls around (hopefully later in the year sometime, all going according to plan) I will be stocking up on colourful basics.


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