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spell renew launch …

Thursday 9th April 2020 at 10am …. add that to the diary – it’s Spell & The Gypsy Collective launch time again!

This is a genius release in my view – a range of kimonos and accessories made from fabric that never made it into production and off-cuts of previous ranges. There’s so much waste in the fashion industry so it’s so good to see labels, especially ones with such a large reach, doing their bit towards a better future on this earth.

Not to mention that the patchwork actually also looks stunning! The fabric is grouped into tonal, matchy-matchy colours which I love. These are my three favourite kimonos, of which I will be buying none due to the severe dip in my income from  ‘the current situation’. The reality is that I’m not actually a kimono wearer so it would be an outrageously delicious and expensive robe for around the house anyway. Then again, that’s all any of us will be doing for a while anyway ….

Anyhoo it’s OK, its free to look at pretty things. 🙂

Check out the full Spell Renew range on their website here from Thursday 9th April.  xx

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