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Strictly No Pants …

strictly no pants …

This summer has started off pretty crazily to be fair ...

… current circumstances have forced me to contemplate life the universe and everything pretty deeply,  I’ve been more vocal about stuff then I’ve possibly been before, I’ve had my say on climate change, and the current political state of crappiness. So to balance it all out and try to keep some sense of sanity I now feel the need bring it back down to a purely superficial level, and discuss my thoughts on my personal no pants summer policy.

I called it way back in October I reckon, as we started off into a blitz of above average spring temperatures. There’s a time when it kicks off and you realise that pants are just not going to cut it anymore.

I’m pretty proud to say I’ve made it thus far without wearing any pants. No pants. No long trousers. No strides. Definitely no slacks. Absolutely no ’round the houses’. *

Just to be clear though, this isn’t an excuse to sit around on the couch in my undies …..  (see disclaimer).

It’s just skirts and shorts all the way. My legs have never been happier.

My no pants policy has made it through a few classic ‘summer Melbourne days’ where we hit a grand high of 15 degrees, so I reckon taking into consideration the effects of global warming I can probably last until May … June at a push, before covering up these  pins.

Give it a try. I full recommend it.

*Pjs don’t count. Yeh, a girls gotta have some Pj’s. And I do sometimes sit around the house in my undies on the weekend.

I did have to invest in a fair whack of newbies though to get me through. Here’s some of my favs ….

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