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Wheels & Dollbaby Is Back!

wheels & dollbaby is back!

While we were all hanging around our lounge rooms in lock-down pretending we were being fabulous somewhere equally fabulous (maybe that was just me), the previously defunked label Wheels & Dollbaby snuck back into existence.

I was a a bit slow off the mark discovering this because of the lack of need for a party dress for a Netlix party … but anyhoo the wrong has now been righted.

The Wheels & Dollbaby label started in 1987 and became well known worldwide for it’s range of super sexy clothing ‘that indulges rock luxury’, and was a favourite of the likes of Debbie Harry, Bob Dylan, Courtney Love, Kate Moss, Jerry Hall, & Aerosmith.

In 2017 owner Melanie Greensmith decided to move on to other things, and instead of selling to someone else and having no control over her brand, she decided to shut up shop.

Fast forward to 2020 and she’s back! Super exciting news for all the Wheels & Dollbaby fans.

I may have made a purchase already… the stunningly gorgeous La Dolce Vita Dress which was just too good to resist! I mean yikes, take a look at it. And yep it really does look that good on, its very flattering with the curvy bits. An occasion to wear it hasn’t quite popped up yet, but when it does, me and my La Dolce Vita are ready.

Here’s a few more that have made it onto my current wishlist. The red skirt is up next hopefully….

Check it out for yourself at

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