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Winter In The City …

Winter in the city …

Argggghhh…..winter has thrown me for six (is that a mixed metaphor??) this year! It was getting to the end of summer and then suddenly its friggin’ July and there’s frost on the ground when I fall out of bed in the morning.

Hmmm. Struggling with winter fashion inspo when I have to put 27 layers on every morning but here’s a few nice things I’ve found to help brighten up the grey skies. I’d like to say that I dress well all the time but the reality is that I end up wearing my favourite black skinnies, black jumper and black and white Vans (as per photo) as often as I can get away with… still, a girl can dream.

The pre-requisites for dressing for winter in Melbourne are:

  • super warm
  • preferably has a wool content
  • easy to struggle into in the dark
  • layers that can be taken off and then added back on numerous times during the day
  • don’t get black, I have so much black, oh yip I got the black one…..
  • boots that allow for two thick pairs of socks without cutting off circulation
  • tops that work with black skinny jeans, my fallback plan……realistically about 5 days a week…
  • no cardigans, have tried to do cardigans – can’t do it! I don’t know why… especially waterfall cardigans, I mean what the hell are they?!?
  • generally clothes that look great and then get completely covered up by a massive jacket/scarf/beanie combo so I might as well have been wearing my PJ’s
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