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SPELL Blue Skies Feb 2017 Release

SPELL Blue Skies Feb 2017 Release

I have literally spent the whole day looking at the new drop from Spell & The Gypsy Collective. Literally. The. Whole. Day.

There’s been a whole heap of buildup for this range across social media over the last month and today at 11am was launch o’clock (for Australian shoppers)

I can’t imagine there was much work going on with the die-hard Spellies. Luckily I had a day at home today, so I totally planned my day around the launch. Standard morning business things aside, I then prepped! An hour or so of research re styles and prices of items dropping today. Not too bad. All the styles look amazing, but I don’t really absolutely NEED anything…..maybe just the bralette and save for the next drop.

Excellent. I had my plan truly sorted so I whipped down the street for a takeaway coffee and was back home with laptop front and centre at 10.45am.

And there it was at just after 11am as promised. Such a gorgeous first drop filled with intricate and super elegant laces,  stunning colourful prints with a twinge of the orient, and the classic and almost cult-like intimates.

It didn’t hurt that the campaign was shot on the streets of Paris and featured an absolutely stunning model, Sarah Ellen. I think we’d all like to imagine ourselves in her shoes…..sashaying elegantly along Rue de l’Abreuvoir and stopping for a quick drink at La Maison Rose. Stopping to smell the flowers from the street side markets on the Rue Montorgueil…….ahhh Paris!

Sorry…back to reality.

Yip, all good. I browsed the range, I ohhhed and I ahhed and then I shut down my computer and went outside to soak up some sunshine for a couple of minutes. I then made the mistake of checking face-o on my phone and read all the masses of comments from people LOVING the range and saying what they had bought and getting all mega excited. Oh my god, Oh my god, I can’t miss out, why didn’t I buy something! Quick, computer on, Spell site already sold out of my size, try Freedom State, frantically add to cart, skim read details, checkout complete. PHEW!

So after all I ended up getting the Blue Skies bralette in Black, which I think is going to end up being a firm favourite of mine, and the absolutely stunning looking Rhiannon Skirt in Black! Ekkkk! So excitement!


I figured that was relatively restrained. The  Blue Skies Slip Dress seemed to be very popular, that sold out in all sizes within an hour I think. I’ll probably regret not getting that in the blue……

So now I wait (im)patiently for the postie to deliver my new goodies. And try and figure out how to pay of my Zippay account before the next drop 🙂

Stay tuned for some photos of the items when they arrive. And in the meantime, you can spend many hours drooling over the Spell Blue Skies campaign shots like I did. These are our favourite ones below.


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